How to stay happily married for decades

Jean and Doug are soon to celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary. They met as teenagers at their church choir and later married at the same church. They have two children and three grandchildren. Married before the age of self-help guides, marriage counselling and social media, this successful couple tell us what they have learned by experience (trial and error) to have a long-lasting happy relationship Love is a verb Love is not just a feeling. Feelings fluctuate. True love is based on the vows of commitment. “We married for better or for worse and we both take that seriously.” says Doug. “We express our affection to each other at least once a day” says Jean. “We don’t have to say … Continue reading

The Catholic Weddings in Gabon, Africa

We all know too well that Christianity did not start in Africa but was rather spread by early missionaries to the continent. Basically, before one can address the aspect of a catholic (Christian) wedding in West Africa, to be specific, Gabon, there are a few facts that one has to know first. Located on the western coast of Central Africa on the equator, Gabon is borders Equatorial Guinea. It is also known as the Gabonese Republic. The state gained its independence from France in 1960 and has had three presidents in the 90’s. Most of the Gabonese are Bantu and has at least forty ethnic groups with differing languages and culture. These ethnic groups include (but not limited to): Fang, … Continue reading

Catholic Gift Ideas For Women

Catholic women that their religion very seriously and take pride in serving the Lord. There are some great gifts to give a Catholic woman or mother to show that she is cared about while celebrating her beliefs. Madonna and Child Holy Water Font This statue shows Madonna holding her small child. This statue is also a great place to keep holy water to bless the home and those that need healing. Catholic Day Planner This gift can help a woman stay organized and keep the faith. There are religious pictures on the front and on the pages. When a woman is having a rough day she can find inspiration in this planner. Book: Small Steps for Catholic Moms This book … Continue reading