Catholic Gift Ideas For Women

Catholic women that their religion very seriously and take pride in serving the Lord. There are some great gifts to give a Catholic woman or mother to show that she is cared about while celebrating her beliefs.

madonnaMadonna and Child Holy Water Font

This statue shows Madonna holding her small child. This statue is also a great place to keep holy water to bless the home and those that need healing.

Catholic Day Planner

This gift can help a woman stay organized and keep the faith. There are religious pictures on the front and on the pages. When a woman is having a rough day she can find inspiration in this planner.

Book: Small Steps for Catholic Moms

This book can show a mother what she can do everyday to practice her religion. It can also give her ides on how to teach her children the ways of the Catholic religion and how to incorporate these teachings into everyday life.

Picture: Our Lady of Providence

This printed pictures come in a frame so that it is ready to hang on the wall. The Lady of Providence has a prayer at the bottom of this picture. While it may not cost a lot of money any Catholic woman would appreciate this gift. The frame can also be customized.


There are a number of different rosaries that can be given to a Catholic woman. One of the prettiest Rosaries is one that is made by hand. The beads are made from denim lapis and are the color blue. At the bottom of this rosary is the cross. The Rosary is made by hand with attention to detail.

These are just some of the great gift ideas for a Catholic woman or mother. These gifts will honor her religion and are thoughtful to give her.

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